Hickory Flat 
Volunteer Association, Inc.

Caring for Our Community, Changing Lives

CPR/AED, First Aid and First Responder Courses

HFVA will certify any individual or group needing these types of certifications or re-certification. From in-home classes to onsite at your place of business, we can instruct and certify you, your family and co-workers. See the calendar on the HOME page for HFVA sponsored course dates and times. HFVA instructors are AHA certified, upon successful completion of any course, the student will receive a course completion card and/or certificate. HFVA courses are taught to the AHA 2019 Standards. CPR/AED courses all include ADULT, CHILD and INFANT certification. Participants must be 12 years of age or older unless the participant is receiving the K-12 completion card.

Courses Offered


♥ CPR/AED BLS for HCP (4-5 Hours, By Request ONLY) 

♥ CPR/AED K-12 for Schools (3-4 Hours, By Request ONLY)   

♥ Combined CPR/AED and First Aid (7-8 Hours) 

♥ CPR/AED Family and Friends (2 Hours, By Request ONLY)     

♥ First Aid (5-6 Hours)  

♥ BloodBorne Pathogens (90 Minutes, By Request ONLY)  

♥ First Responder (7-8 Hours, By Request ONLY)  

Public Blood Pressure/Glucose Screening

Once or twice per month, HFVA will schedule BP and Glucose screenings at various locations around Hickory Flat, usually Publix and Kroger shopping centers. Come meet the Nurses, EMT's and First Responders who volunteer their time with HFVA to serve our community.

Bleeding Kit Sponsorship

Partnering with Cherokee County Sheriffs Office, Cherokee County School District and Cherokee County Fire and Emergency Services, HFVA will sponsor and supply bleeding kits to any business or organization.

Senior Citizen/Widows Assistance Program

Our SCWA program will help any senior citizen, widow, widower or disabled individual with projects inside and outside of their home. HFVA members are skilled and trade professionals with extensive experience in building construction, landscaping, horticulture, computer science, disaster recovery, electrical and plumbing. Major projects requiring additional resources will need to be reviewed accordingly. 

Home EMT

If you need non-emergency medical assistance, home healthcare assistance or maybe you cannot get your Rx from the pharmacy. One of our medically trained members will respond immediately to your need. Call the Home EMT hotline at (770) 406-6657